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Ballantyne Family Dentistry In Charlotte, Nc White Spots Teeth

What Are White Spots on Teeth?

White spots on the teeth are an aesthetic and health problem. These may appear due to descaling and excess fluoride, among other reasons. This is a fairly frequent problem, therefore, in this post, we tell you what they are and what are their types.

Types of stains on teeth

The most common teeth stains are yellow. The main cause of these imperfections are acidic substances or foods. But they can also appear when brushing is aggressive or in cases in which the person suffers from bruxism.

When there are yellow spots on the teeth, they usually have translucent edges. And, in addition, it causes sensitivity to heat, cold and sweet foods.

Another type of common spots are brown spots. These are produced by the action of external agents, such as the consumption of tobacco, coffee or other substances. Excessive consumption of these not only affects the coloration, but also promotes the appearance of tartar. Therefore, over time they also cause tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Finally, we have white spots, which can appear on all the teeth. There are several reasons for its appearance. First of all, they can be the first sign of future caries. Or they can also alert you to excess fluoride, malnutrition, lack of calcium, among other problems. Having inadequate hygiene also causes this type of white lesions.

What are white spots on teeth?

White spots can appear due to multiple external and internal factors. White spots may indicate a problem of decalcification of tooth enamel or bad mineralization during tooth formation. They can also appear because of lack of consumption of healthy minerals. 

The presence of these spots leads to another problem: the aesthetic one. It is capable of damaging the self-esteem and safety of people who are affected by these injuries. But, beyond that, it is essential to get the cause of the problem. So that it can correct and prevent the appearance of new dental white spots. 

Children and adults are prone to suffer from these spots. In baby teeth, for example, they can appear after very high fevers. While in adulthood they reflect some problem during the formation of the definitive denture.  

You have to be clear that the spots are preventable and there are treatments that help reduce their effect or eliminate them. The most appropriate will depend on the origin of the disorder and how much it has affected the denture. Your dentist will tell you which is the best way to go to recover a healthy smile. 

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If you have any questions about white spots or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel to improve your smile, please contact Ballantyne Family Dental and inquire about your options for cosmetic dental treatments in Charlotte, NC.

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