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Meet Our Team

Oksana – Dental Hygienist

My name is Oksana I was born in Ukraine. I Went to hygiene school in NY state. I Recently moved from Portland Oregon and Have a beautiful teenage daughter . I Like to bake and I Love spending my days the beach. Come see me to get your teeth and gums in the healthiest shape of your life! 


Lindsey – Dental Assistant

Hello I’m Lindsey, Being a dental assistant of six years, I came from a big farm in a small town. My hobbies and/or interests include cooking, family time, painting, and movies. Being an individual who loves to laugh/smile, I knew dentistry was the perfect place for me. In dentistry I have the opportunity to give other’s their own perfect laugh/smile to be proud of. Come and see me so we can have some fun! 

Kathy – Dental Assistant

Hola amores! My team calls me Kathy but you can call me Kat! I’m just a Midwest gal who loves late night walks in the park and weekend trips to the beach! Let’s talk about your needs and I’ll help you out


Baylor – Dental Assistant

Hi, I’m Baylor and I was born and raised here in Charlotte! I love taking care of our patients! You can catch me speaking French, Bonjour! Also sometimes you may see me in the front or the back assisting. Come see me, I’ll help you out with your needs. 

Sonam – Dental Assistant

Hey, my name is Sonam! I graduated with my bachelors from UNC Charlotte and went on to get my dental hygiene degree. In my free time I enjoy cooking, exploring Charlotte, and spending time with family. Quality patient care is very important to me and ensuring that my patient’s needs are met is a priority to me. Come see me!
sonam dental assistant
genessis patient care coordinator

Genessis – Patient Care Coordinator

My name is Genessis and I am a Patient Care Coordinator with four years of experience, working at VCU Dental Care alongside the Oral Surgery Department and now at Ballantyne Family Dental. I specialize in treatment planning and am responsible for scheduling consultations, discuss cost of service, insurance coverage payment options, and assess patient’s dental needs. I am dedicated and use my positive attitude to encourage a good work environment. I enjoy spending time with my family and creating memories!