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Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants help to replace missing dentition in the mouth. In the past, your only two options for replacing a missing tooth was with a bridge or partial denture. Technology has come a long way, and dental implants are able to replace not only the top of the tooth itself, but the roots as well. Implants can last for many decades without showing any signs of damage or wear.

Why are Dental Implants needed?

The most common reason for needing dental implants is because you’re missing one or more of your teeth. The implant can be used to anchor a crown or fixed bridge. Likewise, patients who wear dentures may choose to have implants placed because they’re tired of the prosthetic always slipping and falling out. Implants can securely snap onto a specially-made denture to keep it in place.

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Why Are Dental Implants Needed

Who is a good candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are ideal for patients who are otherwise healthy and have solid bone mass where the implants are going to be placed. Implants rely on a process known as osseointegration to properly bond with underlying bone. This is what keeps the implant secure and stable. If there is not enough bone in the area where the implant will be embedded, we may suggest a bone graft prior to surgery.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Implants?

The procedure begins with sedation to make the surgery more comfortable for you. Next, the titanium implant is embedded deep into the bone so that it has a chance to bond with the bone. Osseointegration of the implant can take about three to six months, but this will depend on each individual patient’s ability to heal. Once the implant has healed fully, we can make a new crown, bridge or denture for the restoration so that your smile is restored. Restoring your smile with implants prevents the need to compromise or damage any of your surrounding teeth.

If you think you might benefit from dental implants, call us today and we will be able to further assist you.