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3d Illustration Of Lower Gum And Teeth.
Can A Slimming Diet Be Dangerous For Your Teeth
Watch What You Eat

Is a healthy diet important for healthy teeth, or does a healthy dentition facilitate weight loss? In reality, what we eat has a direct impact on the health of our teeth. It is not enough to brush your teeth regularly, to make mouthwashes or to use dental floss to prevent dental diseases.

Because if simple gingivitis can, in the long term, cause much more important health problems (like cardiovascular disease or diabetes), our dental hygiene says a lot about our lifestyle. And the better we eat, the better our teeth are. It has therefore been noted that people with a healthy and balanced diet, and who regularly exercise, also had a healthier dentition.

According to a recent study in the United States, it was noted that some factors were consistent with having healthy teeth, but also to find the line. To summarize, a BMI between 18 and 25 kg / M2, and a regular physical activity (three sessions of intensive sport in the week), but also a healthy and balanced diet allowed certainly to lose weight, but also to have more beautiful teeth.

These hygiene criteria would reduce the risk of inflammation of the gums by almost 30% when you adopt all these good habits. But even focusing on just one of these factors (such as sports or nutrition) would have a beneficial effect (of the order of 15%).

For example, it was noted that exercise positively influenced the inflammatory response, and thus reduced the risk of developing gingivitis. Ditto for healthy eating habits (eat less fat or sweet) that significantly limit the formation of tartar.

Take care of your teeth to lose weight more easily

Conversely, taking care of your teeth would make it easier to lose weight and find the line again. In some people, the simple fact of having removed devitalized or leaded teeth would result in a significant weight loss (between 10 and 15 kilos depending on the person).

Dentists would do well to review their policy on pulling teeth, which had earned them a very bad reputation. Indeed, if it is never a very pleasant moment, we now know that devitalized teeth can be much less harmless than we could think.

Ditto for old fillings, often made with heavy metals (like mercury, for example), which would have adverse consequences on our health, and our line.

So how to keep your teeth healthier

All of these studies tend to give us extra motivation to take care of our oral hygiene. Especially since it is quite easy to rhyme these two objectives of healthy teeth and weight loss. To do this, you will not only have to brush your teeth regularly but also, and above all, monitor your diet. And ban some foods that are as bad for your line as for your teeth.

Consume calcium-rich foods regularly

  • avoid foods that are too sweet (such as sweets, sodas, etc.) that are synonymous with weight gain and decay;
  • stimulate your saliva production by regularly consuming acidic foods (such as citrus fruits);
  • avoid taking sugary drinks, hot or cold;

Of course, this does not mean that you can skip conventional dental hygiene measures. Like brushing teeth at least twice a day (after meals), use dental floss to remove the last residues between teeth (which promote the proliferation of bacteria). But also do regular mouthwashes, consult your dentist for descaling at least twice a year, etc.

Taking care of your teeth will help you be healthier and lose weight more easily — all the more reason for getting serious.